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It was one of the best experience I ever had and everything went fine and pretty smooth for me (lucky!). 

So on the 23rd June 2017, I went to the airport with my dad and my brother. My mum is meeting me directly at Incheon Airport from Hong Kong (she came from her work trip). School officially starts from the 27th till 21st July 2017 but we were there early to settle down and yeah spend some mother-and-daughter time I guess? We hardly see each other let alone spending time with each other. 

Before entering the departure hall (and while waiting for the boyfie to rush down), I asked my dad if he would miss me a lot (hehe). He just said 'No' without thinking twice 😑 seriously. And then later I said that I am kind of scared now, being away from home alone for a month (different from staying in hall okay, and my mum is only there till the day before school starts). Then, my dad say - "都跟你讲了,叫你不要去了。" LOL. I think my dad is a bit of a ... tsundere 😈 wtf hehe. Then after they left, I waited for my boyfie. I really appreciate that he rushed down from home just to pass me a handwritten card and to see my off but uhm fml I left the card on the plane .... only realized it when I reached Incheon fak 😫😫😫. I really felt bad towards him, especially I kinda was frustrated at him for like coming to the airport but like I waited till almost its the latest time I should/can enter the departure gate. But oh well, in the end the flight got slight delay and there was a gate change too urgh, what a way to "start". Despite that, thank you and ps for being pekcek because very kiasi, don't want to miss my flight LOL. 

So I had a rather pleasant flight and once I touched down, met up with mum, we went to get our SIM cards. I bought it from kkday (link) and my SIM card is only unlimited data which is more than enough for me. While Seoul pretty much have wifi everywhere, I didn't see then need to get a Korean phone number for that 1 month. I just need data and I can WhatsApp/video call everyone. It cost wayyyyyy cheaper than getting an wifi egg and, I can on hotspot for my friends to tap on my data heh. We then got our Korea Tour Pass or something and then took the airport limousine bus to my accommodation.

So throughout the entire time I was there, I stayed at Duri Guest House. Didn't stayed in the dormitory since I was told that they were left with the triple room and that place offered a relatively good price and its only like a 10mins walk away from Korea University (KU).

For the first day we basically just scout around the area outside KU and yeah checked the school out. Was pretty chillax for the first day. To be honest I find it a bit hard to adjust at the accommodation at the start since its really quite small for 2 people and 2 huge luggage. But yeah made do with it and once my mum left, I got transferred to their single room which was much better.

Well that's enough word for this post. Shall write another post together with the photos/videos another time.

Annyeong ~

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I guess I just stopped blogging and from time to time I do still visit the blogs of those bloggers that I was interested in since back then. And yeah the number of post has decreased for most of time.

Well I guess nowadays, with all the other social networking sites, idk if blogging is actually going to be ... obsolete? I mean look at snapchat, its probably going to be out soon in Singapore. Most of the people that I know are moving on to insta-story instead.

Anws, whats with me randomly coming back to blog again?

From time to time I just feel like deleting my social networking accounts - like ya know go through an online purge or detox session or something. But I don't ... delete my blogs? All my posts are really precious to me. Even if it's stupid/embarrassing/nonsensical.

I think I will blog more frequent because at least of the people in my life now, knows nothing about this blog and even if some of them they do, since I do not blog as often as before - they probably forgot all about it.

So hi, I am back to this space of mine where I can dump all my rants, unhappiness, anger, frustrated - basically all my negative feelings, and also to record all those happy time too.

Welcome back to blogging xoxo.

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Hi everyone :)

okay firstly I give up saying that I will try my best to keep this space alive. HAHA always saying that but not doing that.

Anyways my summer studies havestarted since last Wednesday and so far I have been enjoying it!
The profs are "really" good (I swear). Like if they are my prof in school I would probably participate more actively. But then again maybe it's just the "Singaporean" culture in NTU - whereby everyone just pretty much keep quiet.

Well I have taken quite a number of photos and yeah have uploaded them all on my facebook and Instagram. Will be posting them here too.

Okay shall relax a bit before video calling my dad to wish him happy birthday (xoxo), ciaos~

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Done uploading some of the necessary files needed before I fly lol. It's still pretty early but it would be better to just get them out of the way. Sometimes I wish that more precise instructions are given for filling important forms. Like it makes me a little paranoid when they say you can only upload it once  and I just can't stop checking to see if I have made any mistakes. Argh have to get over that lol.

Well so the dormitories for females are like ... full lol. Cause it was on first-come-first-serve basis, and we have not paid for the tuition and lodging so obviously I did not manage to secure a slot in the for a double room. I received the email like 2 weeks back or something and I was like fmlllllll. ):

But then again I was kinda happy cause I guess I would rather stay outside (but near) school. Decided to give guesthouses a try since most of my seniors recommended that and like the prices are about there? I opt for a single room at a guesthouse but the school left with a triple room. AND the triple rooms are from the male dorms but due to the demand they converted it into female dorm for this period. I opt for comfort lol. Although had to paid a few hundred extras but I get my own space and I do not have to worry about the possibilities of not getting along with my roommate. But then again I am a little worried about staying alone (it's my first time). Oh well like the boyf said - weigh the pros and cons.

Now all I am left is paying the tuition fees and fak stop procrastinating about foc stuff. Ok done, wanted to pamper my skin before I sleep but I am too tired to do so now lol. Goodnight & ciaos~

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