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So after much procrastination and putting it aside for some time - I have finally migrate all my data to my new phone! Quite excited about it haha and that is because, I am no longer using Samsung.

I have moved on from Samsung LOL it has been a good 4 years or so ever since Note 3. I really liked the Note series a lot but I just can't (omg) stand the new designs of Samsung phones nowadays. Like: WTF IS THE CURVE OR EXPOSED SIDES FOR? How dafug does it value adds to the phone (software wise) lel.

I have only used iPhone (4s lol) once and I liked the size of it. But then, I prefer android over iOS so .. I have decided to get Huawei P10 plus instead LOL. Well at least its 128gb for internal memory and so far it seems good. It just looks like an iPhone with an android system. But then again, phone designs are limited nowadays and maybe that's why Samsung tries to be creative with the curve (No, I don't dislike Samsung).

So yeah that's all for my random post and my first paper starts tomorrow fml.



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