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I guess I just stopped blogging and from time to time I do still visit the blogs of those bloggers that I was interested in since back then. And yeah the number of post has decreased for most of time.

Well I guess nowadays, with all the other social networking sites, idk if blogging is actually going to be ... obsolete? I mean look at snapchat, its probably going to be out soon in Singapore. Most of the people that I know are moving on to insta-story instead.

Anws, whats with me randomly coming back to blog again?

From time to time I just feel like deleting my social networking accounts - like ya know go through an online purge or detox session or something. But I don't ... delete my blogs? All my posts are really precious to me. Even if it's stupid/embarrassing/nonsensical.

I think I will blog more frequent because at least of the people in my life now, knows nothing about this blog and even if some of them they do, since I do not blog as often as before - they probably forgot all about it.

So hi, I am back to this space of mine where I can dump all my rants, unhappiness, anger, frustrated - basically all my negative feelings, and also to record all those happy time too.

Welcome back to blogging xoxo.


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