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School has officially ended.
And for this sem: i legit skipped loads of lectures and tutorials.

All because I felt like I was wasting my time there, if I am going to doze off there/unable to finish my tutorials on time .... #damnfail.

So since exams are like starting real soon, all the best to everyone! After this sem, it's the holidays! More excited to plan for all the stuff that I want to do over the holidays as compared to studying lol, whats new ._.

On thursday?

Yeah was studying with Jason @ NIE Library. Okay seriously after one year in NTU, I finally know where s NTU library hahaha and omg i think its more convenient than LWN/Business Library because the toilets and water cooler are much easier to access. Plus, it's really less crowded and every table has a like four plugs? 

Planning to spend most of my time studying there. Anws NIE meepok is awesome so I can just keep going there for meepok muahahahahaha.

So ... I tried this random quiz on FB the other day, thought that it was quite interesting HAHA. Well, my dad wanted to be part of the police force but he didn't mange to fulfill it so he hope that either me or my brother will join SG police. My mum didn't really object to it because ... she thinks that it's quite a stable job? Haha well and this quiz says that i should be a cop! Coincidence much lol.

but oh well, let's see how it goes plus the quiz might not be that accurate since there are like some percentages over 100% and they are all like crazily high.

That's for today's post!
Down with a bad flu after my headache and red eyes zzz. May it be gone asap but then again i need to "geng" MC for one of my mod since I'm planning to retake it but idw an F grade on my degree audit lol ...

have to think about a way to get it.
Alrights, have to get back to my notes otherwise the boyf is going to nag me *glares* haha.

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