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The only thing that get rids of my monday blues is probably: The Return of Superman.
Nope, its not that superman. It's the korean variety show which I have been following religiously. Never missed/skip an episode before, unlike my lecture recordings  -_-

seriously xitong lol.
So yeap, going to save that to watch during meal times and yes computing assignment due today FML. Almost there urgh, before i can start my revision lol seriously. 

So, on Saturday, I was suppose to meet the boyf at his house in the morning, but then erm yeah was legit sick and tired so i woke up late lol. He was also too tired to wake up early to meet me haha so we just met directly at Cathay's Starbucks. I went there early to study and he join me after running some errands for his mum .... and me hehe.

Studied awhile and had makisan for lunch! Legit find how they name their portion cute lol, little-san and big-san. In the end i ordered a little-san. it's my first time ordering, felt like i was on running man, making the horrible kimbap with gummy bears etc LOL. But hey, it turned out really nice. Thank goodness.

I guess it's really nice to have it as a snack and in future erm ... potential food to smuggle into cinemas LOL oops.

After this, we head to dhouby exchange to collect my stuff from 65Daigou! First time purchasing stuff through them, cause taobao is legiit cheap so the boyf and i went to collect it after that. Fyi, they do not provide bags so you have to bring your own to carry the parcels, if you have a lot of them. 

Then I have to cover Jaclyn at Vivo for traffic counter from 4pm to 7pm that day. Doing it for 2 hours and i buey tahan already, but some of the other part timers have to do it from 11am to 7pm wtf. Oh wells, it's over anyways. Then since the boyf booked tickets at Cineleisure and I have to return the clicker back @ store, so we went to orchard.


It's my kind of movie(s) i guess and the boyf was nagging me about studying but it has been awhile since we went out to watch movie and had a good time so why not. He said that it was okay la cause i guess it's not his kind of movie lol. It's not bad though, quite funny haha.

Then after that it was quite late and so we just went back home and I have work the next dayyyyy.

My yami yoghurt before work starts. Work was fine i guess, didn't manage to hit my this week target u.u Anws, going to have to cut down on work since exams are really approaching omg. Needa chiong fml. Not enough time halp.

Okay, so that's all for this post. Shall blog again soon aye.

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