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Let's continue about my school life LOL.

Y2S1 tbh, is legit more relaxed than Y2S2. Most of the modules I took don't really have group projects and just individual assignments (except OODP). I took 4 cores (one of them is discrete math lol), 2 electives and 1 online module.

I SU Mind Over Stress in the end. I did pretty well in the 40% quiz but 33/40 was like the mean of the entire cohort. I felt damn sian cause i felt like i would still at least get a B even if bell curve was high? I really studied hard this entire sem for everything even my electives. So, my grades went up :)

On the day when results were out, i was actually in the middle of my Hong Kong trip (will blog about it in another post, photos are still in my phone haha). I was shitting in the toilet (LOL) and then i decided to brave myself and check my results hahaha was legit happy about it.

That semester, I really did most of the PYP, revised and practiced a lot. Really felt that all the effort put in was worth it. But still I was expecting some grades to be a little higher but hey, 3.90 is decent compared to previous two sem (halp). So overall, my CGPA was 3.20. Pulled it up by quite a lot and decided to apply for summer studies this year which i got it (blog about this also in another post later haha).

Well, i really hope that this sem will turn out fine soon ): tried to did my best but i panicked and didn't manage to finish 2 of my papers, really felt disappointed when i left the exam hall. Sigh. This sem was really a mess and just perpetually busy despite only being involve in one hall activity.

Shall blog about my Y2S2 when results are out .... two days after my birthday :/ Hopefully i will still have some leftover birthday luck on that day.

Till the next post, ciaos~

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