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So I never actually blogged about my grades in school since university started. Well, nothing much to brag anyways LOL.

I entered NTU in August 2015 after accepting their double degree offer in Computing & Business. To be honest, I actually just wanted to take a single degree but my mum was like why not?

Well I wasn't really in the mood of studying when I was in year 1 (especially in sem1). Like I need time to adjust to the new system because it's similar to poly but I was from JC. Also I have never taken any computing course before entering university. I was more of in the mood to meet more people and I had lots of fun in hall haha. Joined a lot of activities and I regret none.

But after seeing my Y1S1 results I was like 'uhhh okay time to study'. Y1S2 I dropped my business degree (yes, after 1 semester HAHA). I only took 2 business modules - Financial Accounting  and  Business Law. I enjoyed business law to be honest cause it's really interesting and like I felt like I learnt a lot more compared to financial accounting LOL (maybe it's because I paid more attention to it). But anws, I got C+ for both of it. Other than python I got B/B+ for the rest. Now that I think about it I think D for python is really ... fml like seriously xitong *rolls eyes*.

After I decided to drop my business degree, I was given the option to not include the two C+ inside my GPA. So instead of a less than 3.0 GPA I just forgo the 8AUs and got a GPA of 3.04. But then come Y1S2, I am damn bad at my computer science hardware modules and also MC a module (Discrete Mathematics) because I felt that I could score if I retake it again (which I did later in Y2S1).

I was really disappointed in my Y1S2 results because I did put in more effort in studying (well computing improved so I was happy) and like most of my activities ended before exams. So I was legit damn sian.

Worried about it a lot but I know that once I had my fun I will study. So since I spent most of my year 1 doing whatever I want and not really studying (LOL) I did studied even harder in year 2, which I will blog about it in the next post :)

That's all for now.

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