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So last year during this period I was working part-time at Kikki.K. Was a part-timer working like a full-timer haha. Well this year during this 3 month break, I will be in Korea for a month (21st June - 22nd July 2017). I applied and got into Korea University for my summer studies. Shall go there to clear all my remaining electives and a ger-core module.

Uhm ... most of my friends applied and are going to Hanyang (fees are cheaper). Hanyang is really a popular choice like about 600+ students applied or the 400 slots. When I look through the list of people going to KoreaU, I really don't know anyone who is going LOL and I hope I can brush up my Korean by then so that I will be able to take Korean Level 3 over there :/

Kinda excited but one month hmmm .... well it will be my first time going overseas for a month "alone". Hopefully the boyf can come and find me for a few days while I am there haha.

Everything is prepping well, just have to pay for my school fees and fly there. Will update more about it. Ciaos


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