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Done uploading some of the necessary files needed before I fly lol. It's still pretty early but it would be better to just get them out of the way. Sometimes I wish that more precise instructions are given for filling important forms. Like it makes me a little paranoid when they say you can only upload it once  and I just can't stop checking to see if I have made any mistakes. Argh have to get over that lol.

Well so the dormitories for females are like ... full lol. Cause it was on first-come-first-serve basis, and we have not paid for the tuition and lodging so obviously I did not manage to secure a slot in the for a double room. I received the email like 2 weeks back or something and I was like fmlllllll. ):

But then again I was kinda happy cause I guess I would rather stay outside (but near) school. Decided to give guesthouses a try since most of my seniors recommended that and like the prices are about there? I opt for a single room at a guesthouse but the school left with a triple room. AND the triple rooms are from the male dorms but due to the demand they converted it into female dorm for this period. I opt for comfort lol. Although had to paid a few hundred extras but I get my own space and I do not have to worry about the possibilities of not getting along with my roommate. But then again I am a little worried about staying alone (it's my first time). Oh well like the boyf said - weigh the pros and cons.

Now all I am left is paying the tuition fees and fak stop procrastinating about foc stuff. Ok done, wanted to pamper my skin before I sleep but I am too tired to do so now lol. Goodnight & ciaos~

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