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Well, other than my primary 5 and secondary 3 school camps, I have never tried rock climbing/bouldering at any other places. And also, no one really jio-ed me anyways haha.

Have been meeting up with qijie and kiaheng quite often (yay) and I think they are kinda into bouldering/rock climbing nowadays. Yeap, they got the shoes and the chalk bag. Apparently at Climb Asia you can convert and make your soft toy into a chalk bag. We were joking with kiah that we will bring her craftholics (she loves them) and totoro (she loves them too) and make it into chalk bag for her LOL (and she was unhappy about that idea hahhaa). Adriel (her boyf) also came today to join us. Most of the time, both of us were sitting down (okay la, I sat down and nua the most) whereas kiah and qij were climbing haha.

After that we had dinner and then we went home. That's all. And we forgot to take group photo LOL whats new.

Haha that's all for today's post, going to shower soon after I sort some things out. Ciaos :)


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