Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 5:06 PM with
I got lazy about blogging again haha.

Well, tbh wanted to study a bit during this one month break (not joking) but then none of friends/course mates sent me any materials so yeap, stuck to watching anime and jdrama lol. Don't really want to pester them to share their materials with me since they are on break too.

Other than nuaing at home, randomly going out to eat/window shop, nothing much has been happening so far for my break.

Well on the 22nd i will be having a meeting in school for foc, 23rd and 24th gonna have Christmas celebration with some of my friends and the boyf. From 25th dec - 29th dec, I will be flying to Hong Kong with my mum and bro. Haha, made a last minute decision to go with them.

Yesterday (14th) I had my STARS wars (planning for sem2 timetable). Next sem is so going to be tough for me I guess. Time to rush FOC stuff a little more and then I am going to take 22aus next sem (4 Cores, 3 Electives). Gonna talk about my aus in another post sigh, another headache.

That's all for now. Can't wait for my trip hehe.
Btws my laptop keyboard and trackpad needs to be serviced LOL. I think I have abused them well wtf.



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