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Wewwww! Exams are finally over yesterday haha and my body clock is kinda screwed. And today is such a nice day to nua in bed haha.

Well after my exams yesterday I finally meet up with zhimin! It has been awhile since I last saw her (wtf 1 year). So we went to Jurong East Westgate and had yoogane! Really prefer the non spicy one cause previously when I had it with me ... it was so hot and spicy haha. Since zhimin can't really take spicy, we opt for the non-spicy one.

The chicken was more on the sweet side but we both prefer our meat to be savory hahaha so we added kimchi in on our own cook it LOL. Anyways, that portion is for 2~3 people and we only manage to finish most of it.

After that, we went to do classic pedicure LOL. Well, I prefer to do classic pedicure because I really have a lot of dead skin under zzz so yeah I paying more for that and the scrub/massages rather than the painting of my toe nails. It was zhimin's first time doing haha.

We were googling any nail salon that provides reasonable price for pedicure and we found this small shop called 3D Nails. I found it online and there were quite a few positive reviews about it so yeap decided to give it a try.

Couldn't decide between these 2 colours and the lady told me that I can choose 2 colours without any additional fee hehe, so yay!

Nowadays, I am not really into gelish anymore because it's really damaging to my nails and I am too lazy/can't be bothered to go back to the nail salon to remove it. Plus some of them charge additional fee for removal even if you go back to the same place. Tried those self removal wipes for gelish nails but nah doesn't seem to work well.

After that we went to walk around and erm .. shop a little bit and then she went home, while I went back to hall haha. Had to do laundry.

Well that's all, this 1 month break will not feel like  break at all, will be having to settle quite a lot of stuff especially FOC.

That's all for today, ciaos~
(going to spam watch all the animes/jdrams wew)


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