Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 1:20 PM with
2 papers down and 3 more to go.
My last 3 papers are my core modules haha.

Well yesterday after my elective paper (HP8001 - Mind Over Stress), I felt really drained ... haha. Felt really tired, had a slight headache and my throat was swelling a little. Feeling much better this morning though (probably cause I slept in lol).

Was quite sad after my elective paper yesterday. Well for NTU, you have to decide if you want to SU your elective or not before results are out whereas for NUS you can decide after taking seeing your elective results.

To be honest, I wanted to do well for this elective and though that maybe I have a chance to get an A. But after my mid-terms (40%), although I did relatively well (33/40) but that's like only cohort average. I guess the bell curve for this module is really steep?

I did studied for it and really put in a lot of effort but I can't afford any more C/D into my gpa and that has been stressing me out for the entire semester. After yesterday's paper it just felt like:  ahhhh, I did put in a lot of effort it, I studied hard for I but it seems like I should SU it.


After into 1hr of the paper, most of the people left - not sure if they are going to SU it or not. Right now I just hope that I will get a B? At the very least, any grade that is higher than my gpa. But the thing is I'm really afraid that I would get a C instead  - not because the paper was difficult, but rather I think I am pretty worried and affected by the bell curve.

If eventually I get a B grade, even if I did/did not SU it, I am fine with it. But I am just worried that I will get a C, so I am not sure if I should SU it.

Sigh, maybe I should leave this thought till after exams.
Shall focus on my remaining revision. Jiayous everyone!


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