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It has been a damn long while since I last updated lol. Have been quite busy recently and yeah really wanted to blog yesterday night cause I have something to rant about haha. Yessss my blog a personal space for me to rant.

Since I needed someone to listen to my rant, I ranted to kiaheng, qijie and keepoh LOL. So just going to copy and paste whatever I said in my fb chat with kiaheng and qijie cause I am too lazy to retype everything. Please excuse my terrible typos and grammars. I was too angst to even care.

So we have this computing project and everyone has a different table and we all got different priorities and that i understand. Everyone is of different capabilities also.
I do admit that me and the other.girl is not so good at coding but fuck we also never ask the two guy to tank the entire job. We tried to help whenever we can but most of the time we just sit there do nothing. Like useless lol. Cause we cant help them to code. We dk what the fuck they doing/already did. Like zero explanation.
The first time.we meet we wasted 2 or 4 fuckings hours. Okay i guess normally people.will: come.out with the diagram then code.
Then somehow found a damn zai sample code online and starts to read and trying to understand from there.
I am sorry la i cant understand the entire thing because not everyone understand how the other is thinking when coding what.

hen okay so the 2 guys decided to "tank" this coding part and me and my friend HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEM TO CODE FINISH IN ORDER TO DO THE DIAGRAM. yeah we did the reverse and its not wrong but just that why must you treat the sample code as model answer?in the end they decided only to make referenxe but when i see our code and other group code, ours really damn chim and like actually a lot of.things can be done in a simpler manner but in their eyes i prolly simpified life too much fuck 

Then okay THIS WEEK i have finals for electives cause its nottgt with exam week
From.the start till now i already told them.last week of school.i damn pac already

Its not that idw to help. My gpa needs as much as A as.possible to get at least a 3.0 its  not tht idc about this projec5

Problem now is: they are not fully done with coding but ask.me.to come out with diagram.

Then ask me and my friend to write report when the report is to EXPLAIN ALL THE CONCEPTS IN THE CODE
With neither of us have taken part in it. Because they never tell.us what they doing and just like: oh you do the code for.this.
Then for this assignment is like an app la so basically different piece of code need to sync with each other if not impossible to run. If we never discuss how to code how da fuck do we even know what style and etc
And sinxe they did most of the code And due date on friday cant they just do the report then kkay la me and my other friend do the demo and diagrams. And fyi the coding is not the highest weightage.
Its like be reasonable la. At least explain to us whatever is going on. Then whenever meet up the other two guy just keep discussing on their own then me and my friend just fucking waste time there zzzzz
Want to help but cannot cause never give me anything. When i can help.then give me things i dont understand
I can read and try to understand their code la but problem now also not enough time. Then want to do this and that then my other friend she also got asdignments and presentation.
When we cohld have met earlier and do they get stuck on the "model ans" code
Then one of the guy actually said stuff about our friend like never g
do.stuff for another course project. Probably gonna kana that shit but i dont care
Cause its he ownself want to take everything dont come and complain we never help

I mean i admit i didnt do as much or help us much but if you dont tell me what to do and what is your thinking then how am i suppose to help. Then ya'll are better at it also
Argh angry
But also canno angry cause my mum Always say: cannot cook then dont complain that food is bad

Well, that's about it HAHAHAHA its long right. Maybe I should start numbering all my ranting post lol.

But for the last part that's how I truly felt. it's a group project and I want to be involved because I do not want to be said as a "free-loader". but then again, I am aware of my own limitations and strength. And maybe I should have voiced out earlier about the things that I wasn't really happy with also. I decided to go along the flow just because they were doing most of the jobs at that point of time. And yeah, I should not just push the entire blame to them also luh :/

Sigh, have to meet them again for project. Due on this Friday and hopefully we get it done soon.




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