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That's my lunch for yesterday^

Well today is the start of my recess week. Yesterday I woke up around 10am? Yeah, decided to study outside since as usual, every sunday is spring cleaning day for my dad. I went to the Starbucks @ the Cathay and stayed there from around 1130am to 1800pm. Although I kind of stayed there for almost 7hours, I didn't spend full 7hours studying HAHAHA.
Well at at least, I made an effort heh. I think I did studied for at least 4 hours (with several breaks interval wtf). Oh and my seat outside was in the middle of 3 pokestop LOL #lucky.
For the past 2 semester, I have never utilized my recess week well to be honest. I remember really slacking away hahaha. I used to have study date with the boyfie but I guess I concentrate better when I am alone? Even though I really don't mind him accompanying me. At least I can ask him to look after my stuff when I need to pee or get me food when I am hungry LOL #princesslife.
Haha, nah i'm kidding.
But then again it has been awhile since we went out for a date. He has been sick recently and hall stuff kept me kinda busy haha.
Okay back to work.
Although I feel I kinda sleepy now fml.


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