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Hi everyone~
decided to blog first before I start studying lol.

After my first year in NTU, I have decided to not take part in too much activities in hall/school. Well actually most of my commitments are in hall because for school, I have only joined judo.

For last year, I have joined:

Sub-committee: JCRC (almost every portfolio except sports/bizmag), swimming, track.
Main-committee: FOC (acp) and Hall Productions (Aesthetics).

Fyi, I was like under 5 portfolios in JCRC LOL. To be honest, I wanted to join as much stuff as I can while I was in year 1. I can't always have everything and I didn't manage my time well so I ended up dropping my double degree (didn't really like business but now that I think about it, if I have better time management and if I were to join lesser stuff, I can actually do it). I was quite active in judo too and after I dropped business in semester 1, I went to apply for a part-time job outside school.

Was juggling between school and work, above all the other commitments that I have. I do felt bad for neglecting the boyfie at times but I still want to join as much stuff as I could. I wanted to try a lot of things before I graduate. Well, its always "play as much/hard as you want and then start working hard" for me. It was never the other way round for me LOL.

So this year, I cut down the amount of commitments I have but ... I think despite that those commitments I have made are rather .... heavy.

For this year:

Sub-committee: JCRC (social only LOL) and swimming.
Main-committee: FOC (chairperson omg) and Hall production (bizmag)

Oh and I am one of the block reps LOL.

and yeah .. that's all and I am still in NTU judo. But the thing is nowadays I don't really train often (my bad) because I don't really priorities that anymore (or for now).

To be honest, FOC was fun for me despite the amount of work that needs to be done. I really do enjoy the planning process as an ACP (assistant-chief programmer) haha. So this time round I wanted to be Chief Programmer (yeap that was MY original plan). But then after talking to a lot of my seniors and etc, I decided to go for chair (idk why HAHA).

I have not taken any chair roles in any committees before; it's the first time ever for me. I was thinking and talking to my batch's og-mates. I was like during year 3, most of use are either going to be on exchange/intern. Some of them are direct yr2 which means that next year will be their last year. So the last time for us to really join sometime and to do something together is probably this year.

And I used that ^ to convince most of them to join FOC MUAHAHHAHA.
Grateful for the support I have gotten from the though haha.

Well, all the best to me and time to start studying/revising.


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