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Hi everyoneeee!

As of now, half of the semester is done and it's recess week WOOHOOO. Yeap, I've a week off from school technically ... but yeah have to use it well to revise and to catch up with whatever I am lacking behind urgh.

NUS had their recess week this week and it's NTU's turn next week. I guess they deliberately do this so that it staggers our holidays and blah blah blah idk lol.

So I met up with cindy and burden (aka zaiqin) today for a dinner. Cindy wanted to try out this café called "Bread Yard" @ One-North. To be honest, the food is not bad and the price is relatively reasonable for it's portion.

^ and that's my dinner! Looks good right!!! So I ordered a grilled chicken and the sides were: eggs, hashed potatos, bacon bits, salad and bread. The bread is awesome. Legit. It's $15 for my main course and I topped up another $3.50 for a side and a drink. For the sides, you can choose to have soup of the day/mashed potato/zucchini salad. Got the salad because I felt like I was having too much potatoes wtf.

We didn't try the dessert there because we wanted to go and try something else from another café. So we were googling and then burden kept on talking about bingsu LOL. So yeah, in the end we gotten bingsu.

We took the train to Harbourfront and went for bingsu @ Cafe Bene I think (sorry if I've gotten the name wrong!). It's at level 2 of Vivo City. We had pat bingsu, although I think we should have probably gone for the cookies & cream/coffee flavoured one haha. Oh wells.

After that we walked around Vivo and then went back home. Felt bad that I kinda dragged the girls around shopping and etc haha. Well, it has been awhile since I last went Vivo, so I kind of wanted to explore this place again. After all, I did worked at Smiggles there for awhile. Didn't manage to see Syakirah because by the time I went there, she had already left haha.

So that's all for tonight.
Shall shower quickly and sleep soon (hopefully).
Goodnight everyone and ciaos ^^

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