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I guess i will just quickly update this space of mine. Haha, wanted to do a full blog post about me quitting my job and also about hall, but erm I guess i don't really have the time now.

Well, I have not been sleeping great lately. Nowadays I sleep around 2am - 330am and wake up around 8am mostly lol. And sometimes even though i had 5/6 hrs of sleep, it felt like i didn't sleep at all. Sigh. My dark eye rings look like bruises underneath my eyes u.u 

So here's the first assignment that I have handed in for this semester. It a human-computer interaction course and basically we are asked to create a user interface for a kiosk in a theme park. Although its nice to know that this course doesn't have coding but omg for lo-fi, it has to be hand drawn fully. I was damnnnnn sian when i know about it because ... i'm really not that good at drawing.

And for our block in hall, we have already started our first block event - angel and mortal! Well, we started later than the other blocks because our CBR was contested. Revelation is next week woo-hoo. I hope that I have been a good angel to my mortal hahaha.

that's all for now, have been enjoying SNOW lately. Goodnight and i hope that i will sleep soon wtf. Today (or rather ytd) was the only day i had time to pamper my skin lol wtf. #vain Ciaos!


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