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For the first time ever in my life - I attended dinner and dance.

Haha, well I have never went for any prom/dinner and dance prior to this. I didn't want to go because I didn't see the point going. Dressing up is fun and all but I don't want to spend so much on a dress that I would hardly wear. I know that I don't have to send a lot on an outfit and could totally piece it up with a nice top and a skirt. But still, I just feel that for such occasion, if there isn't a group of people that I'm particularly close with going - then it's not worth it. And, usually It's pretty expensive haha. #cheapo #cheapskate

But this time round I attended it. Not because I had a bunch of really good friends going (although some of my friends are there). But it's because I was the emcee for this event LOL (yes, free of charge but I didn't get the 8 course meal ): ).

This time round it's my second time partnering with Leon as emcees. This was our first ever DnD event in our life and the first time we are hosting such events (omg u.u). Was nervous and also wasn't feeling that well on that day also. Well the day before i drank a tad bit too fast so yeah. Gonna stay away from soju for awhile.

Overall I did enjoyed myself but i wouldn't say that i have done a really good job because well i did made mistakes and didn't really prep myself well enough. Was kinda worried that i might ruin things for the committee but thank goodness i manage to not do so and leon was there so phew.

The night was fun but i still think nights like these probably isnt my thing. I mean it would be nice to have a nice meal at somewhere atas with a bunch of good friends. But i guess formal events are not really my thing haha. Despite that i enjoyed myself.

And i hereby congratulate myself for being Hall X's emcee for the past 1year hehe.


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