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For all those who have not noticed - i have finally changed my age at the side LOL. Well it's not as though my birthday was just over (its long over) and my boyfie would always point it out to me if he sees that my age is incorrect haha. Whats wrong with shaving a year off my age? Hehe.

So, as mentioned in another post, my block is playing the 'Angel & Mortal' game. We had a revelation this wednesday and well it's the first time we CBR and BRs are organising it.

I would say we put in good effort in it i guess? Hahaha. At least we gain some experience from it luh huh. Like how much food should we order, the budget etc. Well things were pretty much fine.

I hope the rest enjoyed it too.
First event down as a BR and to a few more events to go 💪.


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