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I find my dad really cute for having to pm me to ask if i'm free on sunday for a family lunch. Well it has been awhile since my weekends were free and etc, and that's because i had just left my job recently (will blog more about that another day yeah?).

So yeah we do have a family chat but he just chose to pm me haha. We went to Jack's Place for  lunch. Jack's Place is actually our favourite fmaily restaurant and used to go there often. The branch that we always went to is at AMK central, sandwiched between the library and the hige COURTS.

I have been there ever since i was a little kid, when my mum was pregnant with my brother. Although the taste of the food has changed, the setting was still the same. I really do enjoy eating there because it brings back lots of fond memories from the past.

Hopefully i get to eat there often again but yeah i do understand that the food there aren't always cheap. Haha once in awhile its fine.

And thats my face when i seem dem' good food yo. LOL. Will blog again soon guys. Tired from all the admin shit that needs to be done. Cant complain cause i signed up for it HHAHAHA



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