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Okay, so it's back to school lol. Firstly I would like to congrats myself in promoting to year 2 despite having such shitty GPA (it's below 3 lol). Well I guess I have to stop getting too involve in other commitments haha. Sianz but grades first for now. 

Have not been blogging for a really long time (again). That's because I rarely use/touch my laptop when I am on holiday. Plus this holiday, I didn't really had much time to myself. After exams has ended for year 1, I continued with work. Kinda tried to maximise my hours each week because I am going for my Korea Trip in July. Then later comes Korea Trip and after that was FOC. 

I have just emailed my manager my letter of resignation few days back. So I guess my last official day will be 15th of September. Better use up my staff discount before I leave haha. Although I have friends there who would still be working there and helping me with the staff discounts hehe. Will probably blog more regarding work another time.

Well, right now I guess I'm just going to sort out all my photos and slowly blog about them bit by bit OTOT. That's all for now. Ciaos~

P.S. lately I've been following this youtuber called 'Wengie' and I really like her hacks videos. Here's one to all those who are starting school.


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