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So, my boyfriend is down with a mild case of dengue and it has been awhile since we talk to each other much. Well I mean, it's not that he don't want to. It's just that he is busy recuperating, getting as much rest as possible. But I can't help but to feel worried and just want to know that at least he is doing alright.

My grandma had dengue before but thank god, despite her age she is strong and maybe her dengue was wasn't that severe either. She manage to recover from it. That was quite some time ago.

Then yesterday, I was talking to Glenn (have been hanging out in glenn and nitro's room more often recently as compared to sheejie and siong's room haha) and found out that his friend's friend passed away from dengue...

Since he said it was a mild case I was feeling half relieved in a sense that he will be able to get well soon. But then because he is sick, resting etc ... I hardly getting any updates on how's he doing. Didn't really wanted to keep calling him to check on him because I don't want to wake him up from his sleep. Didn't wanted to call his house to ask because I feel like I'm disturbing him/his family.

Hopefully, he recovers soon. It's kinda sian knowing that he needs to draw blood everyday until his fever subside. Get well soon peh ):

and to everyone, especially those who are prone to mozzie bites (like me), please takecare!



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