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Hi everyone~

Haha. Well, I realised that whenever I have work or whenever I am overseas, I am more hardworking when putting make up on. Like I will get up earlier than usual just to spend time on my face wtf. To be honest, my job doesn't really requires me to put much make up anyways. I just have to look decent

Hehe It's pretty right? Found this image from weheartit LOL. Well to be honest I always focus a lot on my base make up because I don't really have a very good complexion so yeah. There are times where I feel that putting on make up is so troublesome but then again I bought tons of them previously + my korea trip so i better not waste any haha.

i don't usually try out make up tutorials because ... I just don't have the patience and tbh, I'm not very skilled either. Practice makes perfect but i am too lazy to even try it lol wtf. 

So recently, PONY (she's a very famous make up artist, check out her videos here.) has made a make up video then I have legit tried it and I am loving itttttt! Because:
  • it's really easy
  • don't really have to put on that much make up
  • good for daily makeup/for school and dates etc
  • it's pretty
HAHAHHA. Yeah I think I am going to stick to this routine for awhile. In her video, she said that she felt bad for posting such simple make up tutorials. But I feel that she should post such videos more often because hey, despite it being simple, it does make a difference to your look and it's natural and easy to do.

Gonna post the video. Enjoy and ciaos~


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