Friday, August 12, 2016 at 6:29 PM with
Had the sudden feels to visit all my friends' blogs again haha. Was reading kiah's blog and I had the same thought as her haha. Like : "I wonder who else still reads my blog."

Well, i don't really update it often and I'm not sure if my friends/boyfie still pops by once in awhile to see if I actually updated lol. I used to blog very often because .. most of the time I am at home and blogging was a "thing" back then. But nowadays, not many of my friends do blog anymore :/.

Blogger is also another way for me to stalk check on my friends to see what they are up to haha. I don't usuall text my friend to ask how's their day and yeah, don't really text as often as before. Unlimited sms is pretty useless now considering the fact that everyone is like #teamdate #dataoversms lol.

Well, just a short post.


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