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Well, since I'm still having my holiday (sad as fuck becauseit's ending in about 3 weeks time gg), I just basically survive on my phone and rarely touch my laptop haha. But then again, there were times when I really need to use it so yeah, why not just blog a little and schedule some post too. 

Here are my recent loots from my work place. Haha well to be honest, I really like their stuff, mostly for the design. Well after all, they are a Swedish design company. I rarely get stuff from there, well even before I started working there, I always just used to walk in and browse through the stuff. That's all.

I'm not really advertising the products from my workplace, just that since working in retails allows you to use your stuff discount, so why not just get some stuff to pamper myself?

Since young I have this weird obsession with stationery, especially papers. Yeah, idk why but i just loveeeeeeee to collect different kinds of papers (notepads with different design inside) and also note books. Maybe i should just dig all of them out and take a picture HAHA. 

Well, my dad always claims that I waste so much money on them because i don't use them. To be honest, it's kinda hard for me to use them because I just want to collect them and they are to precious to be used lol (if that even make any sense). But yeah I gotten used to the fact that even after countless of times I have told my dad, he took one or two of them out for my brother to use it for his homework or tuition stuff wtf. #heartbreak #firstworldproblems

Sigh, well anws I'm going Korea next monday, I will trip to blog about my trip guys lol. I try. Because I always failed to do so. Partially because of the amount of photos I took. Either too much or too little lol.


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