Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 11:49 PM with
Sipping awy my TWG and typing this ...

Okay guys, hi. It has been a legit HECTIC summer break for me. After exams have ended, I tried to work as much as possible so that I can save up for my Korea trip with my hall mates. After i came back last friday, i went back to work the next day and now, my hall's FOC is coming u.u

Don't even have the time to get adequate amount of LEGIT rest before going back to school sigh. I just wanna have 1 week's worth of break. Like just basically, doing nothing and just relaxing at home. Haha. When that happens, it feels weird to not move lol. Seriously.

Well, packing to move in for hall tmr.
Shall blog again another day (not gonna say soon anymore, because it's unlikely lol).



Xi Tong, 20歳.
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