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#RIP Lipstick.

Sigh pie. That's like my current favourite lippie. I actually got it after watching QiuQiu and Shu Ann unboxing their make up from Loreal on Tried and Tested. Dayummm, the amount of lipstick they got is just insane haha. Click here for watch it >>> Tried and Tested EP89

So, my lippie is in BP501 Peachy Brown and I really love it! unfortunately, I don't think I can swatch it for ya'll luh haha it's legit in a bad shape. I have always been using those cheap lippie from essence, silky girl or Etude house and they are not bad to be very honest. Some of their lip products are really moisturising. Fyi, my lips peel/chaps very easily so if i were to apply something drying, it's gonna show on my lips within half the day. Plus I am really lazy in re-applying my lipstick so I just want to find one that stays on really well.

Apparently this holds up well. It still comes off after eating but it's not that obvious but the sad thing is, although it glides on well on my lips, it's still a bit drying. Doesn't really shows in real life but it's still a bit drying for me eh.

That evening i was rushing out to meet Melissa (Heng), because we decided to meet earlier. So whle rushing and being vain, i was applying my lipstick normally and when i was about to close it ...


Lol. Well, maybe i should have applied first before moving but sigh, #heartbreaks. Was legit sad to be honest because that's my first "atas" lippie and it was in my favourite shade at that time :/. The colour is nice for everyday use sigh.

Oh wells moved on with life, on the bright side since I'm going Korea, I can just buy more lippies there.

So I met mel at bugis and we went to have dinner at Genki Sushi, after that we decided to get ice creaaaaaaam!!! Maybe it's the weather but nowadays I do have strong ice cream cravings hehe.

Taaa-daaa! Okay I'm not really a fan of waffles but their waffles are really good! I really love the ice cream from Casa Italia (if i remember the name correctly). It was mel's first time there and she love it too. Then we stayed there for awhile, talked about our lives and also gossip a bit our primary school classmates LOL. Yeap, heard some shocking stuff HAHA. Love how I can talk to her about everything and anything (raw and uncensored wtf).

So after that I accompanied her to settle some stuff and then we went to eat kaya toast. She was telling me that there is this kaya toast place that sells better kaya toast than Ya Kun. I was like "wah, issit?" and tbh, it's really really good. *thumbs up*

After that we decided to walk around bugis street for awhile, it's quite late already but going to bugis street late at night when they are close to closing gives you a bit more discount hehe.

Couldn't resist the temptation and i got this LOL. Gudetama mirror. Gave the left side one to priscilla. Mel and I also got a matching choker and i bought an off shoulder top. Actually two, one from pull&bear and another from bugis street. Gonna wear them in Korea hehe.

Mel got herself a skirt which i went back to bugis street this wednesday to get it too because .... cannot resist LOL. Then after that we went home and yeap that's all.

Well it has been a long time since i last went out with her. Glad that we stuck to each other throughout these years since we were 11 HAHA (i lost count lawls) So i guess it's 9yrs going 10 haha waw. 

Gonna blog again some time soon, ciaos~

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