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School holidays are ending soon in about a month's time or so. Feeling kinda sian about it lol. Well, I had just registered the courses that I will be taking in for my Y2S1 (got promoted to yr2 with a damn cui gpa). Hopefully I got the slots I wan for my electives. 

So last week, on the 14th/15th, i met up with esther, sheejie, siong, vincent and peiyu to discuss about our korea trip. We went to this cafe, which i have forgotten about the name lol, for their toast since peiyu and esther wants to try it haha. Luckily there's wifi and we manage to finish our discussion before the rain legit comes. 


Looks awesome right?!?!! Haha, the one on the left is salted egg yolk matcha toast with matcha ice  cream. The one on the right it nutella charcoal toast with vanilla ice cream. I prefer the one on the right and i think that the match one will taste well if there is not salted egg yolk lol.  

Can't wait for the korea trip, had to save quite a bit u.u haha. Gonna try to save up for japan trip next year hehe. Hopefully it will happen.

Taken from snapchat, felt that nowadays my complexion isnt that good anymore. It'd probably because ever since i started working, i keep putting on a lot of make up :/ its to the extent whereby if i don't every wear a bit of make up, if feel like something is missing. But of course la, needless to say i am fine with my bare face at home lol.

Gonna sleep soon, will update my blog again hehe. Ciaos and nights!


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