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which colour should i choose~
most of the time i choose pink but this time round i chose the blue. 
but, the blue is special hehe.

Haha well, i love doing gelish manicure/pedicure but to be honest they are very damaging to my nails ):. My nails are rather brittle so one random in April, I just could not sit still and revise. I decided to go for a gelish manicure. Idk, for a mood change or what.

Mel and xiaodan brought me to a manicure place at bugis street before. That was the cheapest express gel manicure i have ever done (like $18??). But yeah i know that there are other places with cheaper pricing. 

There is one near my house but it's kinda expensive so i went to the other one, which just opened recently. For classic gel manicure and pedicure >>> $55. i think it's quite worth it considering it's classic, plus even if i travel to bugis street, the rates should be about the same right? 

I only do classic for pedicures because ... i have shit-loads of dead skins wtf. No joke, I feel so paiseh every time they start to erm exfoliate and removed them. And the cool thing was the colour changes when i feel cold

So for my hands i choose blue, which i thought was the default colour, but erm no. It's not. Its actually the colour my nails will turn into when i feel cold. So most of the time, its just a shimmery white colour which is not that bad.

For my feet, I chose a burgundy colour which is also the colour it will turn too when i feel cold. Sianz. For most of the time, it's a rather dark peachy coral colour. Anws, I'm not that fussy either. I guess all i want was to remove my dead skin HAHAHAHA.

(left) my pedi when i am not cold.
(right) my mani when i am cold.

It's quite cool to see the colours changing though. 

And an act cute selfie of myself with the default nail colours when i am not cold.

Since the prices are fine and what not, i think i will go back again to do my nails haha. Should go on week days etc where usually their rates will be lower (according to mum). Or maybe i should try that other salon at serangoon gardens since they always have promotion eh. 

Okay, ending this post with another 4 selfies LOL. 
Thats me before i cut my hair and change the colour hehe.


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