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I have got so many blog post to backlog so the post title shall be the dates then LOL. And, they are not going to be in sequence #justsaying.

Well I have not cut my hair since the last time i coloured it. Okay la, i did trim my fringe from time to time because i can't stand it when it starts poking my eyes etc. I do post some photos that shows a bit of my highlights, not sure if it's obvious so here are some pics/vids:

credits to the boyf. 
Gonna blog about us going to GTBT for the first time in another post.

And this is the snapchat vid that i have taken. The highlights has already faded quite a lot compared to the original colour. I always have a hard time explaining to people because i highlight like 3 colours.

So, the pink fades to blonde/orangey-pink, purple fades to pink and the blue fades to ash/blonde.

Not sure if that helps lol but yeah man i was like a peacock/unicorn hahaha. Oh wells i do enjoy how the colour fades because even when it fades, it fades nicely. Plus, some of my friend thought that i went to get new highlights when actually it just fades away haha. So yeap, money well spent and my hair condition still remains good, so credits goes to my hair dresser. 

This is the colour as close as to the original one haha thanks nani for the vid!

So, that was the very first time i dyed/highlight my hair for real (like i legit went to a salon for it) i kinda like it and hopes that it remains that way for a really long time. Which it kinda did because it lasted me for 4 months and to be honest i think it can stay that way for a couple more months.

But the thing it, my fringe is getting out of hand (trimming my own fringe is only a temporary solution lol) and my hair is really long so it's getting kinda heavy. Plus right now is crazily hot in singapore (it's going to be about the same when i go korea fml help). 

So i decided to cut it short. Legit.

Random niku nabe appears lol.
Mum and i went to the usual japanese restaurant for brunch before heading for our hair appointment. Mum is going there to touch up her roots and also to do some treatment.

Well this time is gonna be easier and faster because same goes for me. i cut my hair short and then dyed a single colour overall. Can't wait for it to fade into an ashy brown/grey colour. But thanks to my previous highlights, I do have some purple hue in my hair hehe. 

At least now i dont have to tie that aunty hairstyle for work so as to hide my highlights LOL. People asked me if i am married or whether or not do i have a kid. Like seriously, i feel sadz HAHAHAH I am only 20 but i mean its not impossible but it's still early for me haha.

It took about 3 hours or so which is like half of the time i needed to do my hair previously haha.

I actually wanted to cut short but since i have natural curls its better to keep it slightly longer than shoulder length, otherwise when my curls resurface, it's gonna be messy. Kinda envy people who can keep really short hair ):

I mean I can do rebonding etc but it's not gonna last HAHA. My natural curls aren't that curly and easy to tame luh and i like them. So i dont think i would want to do rebonding? Even if its soft.

i wanted to try C-curls but hor since i still have my bleached hair it's better to not do it, otherwise it will further damage my hair.

And thats the amount of hair i snipped it off.

Alright so thats all for now haha. Will update more about my hair because i am #vain like this.

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