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Because I am vain like this i need to start off with a "I-just-woke-up-no-makeup" selfie.
Haha first selfie after i hit the big 2 (sianz).

Didn't had work that day and was lucky to have the weekend off too. So that day was a peaceful day for me hehe. Because I woke up naturally and slept quite well. Then later at night, I met boyf at clarke quay because we decided to have dinner at Brewerkz. It's a freaking awesome place like seriously.

Present from boyf and raspberry ale beer (?)

And that's our dinner HAHA.

We ordered their mac and cheese (which is a MUST!) and the pork knuckle. If you have 4 or more people going, just order the 3 big pigs, it's really worth the money. As for the mac and cheese, just order it. It's by far the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted hahahah. Legit.

It's my second time there. Although it's on the pricier side but its worth it and once in awhile is fine.

and of course every year my dad will remind my ahnai about my chnese birthday so that she can make this for me hehe. Thanks for the luv and thanks for the wishes everyone.



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