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Okay, it has been a damn long time since i last blogged. Was mostly busy with work since exams has ended like earlier this month lol. After my last paper, I moved out of hostel since there's a 3 months break and i won't be in school for most of the time anyways. Then on the same day, that evening i started working again. To be very honest, i haven had a good break from exams/work until like last week or so? Yeah. Because last last week (from 16th to the 22nd), i literally worked every single day, no joke.

Well, since i am kinda the only part timer on school break, maybe thats why i keep getting full night shifts (1230pm to 1030pm) haha. Occassionally when i need to cover people i end up working almost up to 10hrs (excluding break times) that day. 

Although its tough and kinda sian for having to keep working night shifts, because that would mean it's hard to go out for dinner with friends/boyf, but then yeah money $$$. Like while now i can earn a bit more, then why not. Well anws i could have saved a lot but i decided to yolo and go for the korea trip haha. Well i guess ... that's gonna be that last overseas trip for me until i figure out wtf i want to do. Because everything seems so messy and disorganised in my life. 

Trying to make time and etc for this, this, this and that and when I have time for myself, it feels like i am wasting time away. I don't know.

But then despite having to work night shifts, it's good that I can still wake up late lol and then sometimes the boyf came to fetch me home, which was nice of him. I guess work was fine except for that handful of people. Rant about it in another post lol.

So yeah, will try to blog more often (keep saying this but apparently not keeping to this promise very well). If not i will just schedule some post haha just in case things gets busy for me lol haha.


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