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Omggggg it keeps raining and the weather is seriously asking me to procrastinate hahahhaa. Kidding, no i can't. But then my mind is like zoning out and not taking in any more information so here I am blogging. I guess it's better than watching youtube videos because erm once i start .... its hard to stop ):

Yesterday I was at town the entire day because in the morning (0800 am), we had team meeting in the store which was fine. It ended slightly earlier than 1000 am, so i had about a 2.5hr break before starting work at 1230 pm. Was supposed to study during that 2.5hr break but i was busy chatting with Izyan hahaha.

Work was fine but after my dinner break some of the customers are just : -_-.
But oh wells it happens. After closing went back to hall, thank god i bought churros otherwise i would be starving in hall hahahhaha.

Thats all for now. Back to studies omg. Ciaos.


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