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As you guys know, I'm currently working as a part-timer at a retail store.
I really like the working environment there compared to my previous one mainly because the store is always crowded. So in a sense it keeps me occupied most of the time and i like to do cashiering hehe. Plus the staff there are nice to me and my first impression of them are like: friendly and reasonable. I mean yeah, it's too quick to decide how they are but that how i still feel about them.

I do understand that since i decided to work, i need to stay committed to it which i am. Honestly after i joined them, things started to get busy in school for me - IHG, ITC, midterms and etc. Which resulted in me having poor attendance because I wasn't able to work on most days.

Despite me telling them beforehand, they still decided to hire me, which i am very thankful for that. I do understand where they are coming from but it's just that the dates just keep clashing!!!!! Argh *angst*.

Well, after this coming week it will be better until finals.
I did explain to them and i honestly felt apologetic.
Sigh, time to schedule my time table. Can't always have everything going my way but it doesn't have to be that everything is not going my way too T.T

Jys guys, weekends are coming!

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