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Hi everyone!
February has ended and it's March already.
&' i hope march will be good to everyone :)

Sigh for this week and next week, things are going to get busy for me. But after the next week, I can shift most of my focus back to studying :). So other than rushing for assignments and as usual, last minute chionging for midterms lol, work and training was fine i guess?

Went back nyjc to train and it was so much better. I seriously miss training under Sir and yeah the miss being together with the people there. I miss training with some of the peeps in my batch too haha.

Yeah i know it's all in the past and i need to move on and if i don't like the other training i should either suck it up or gtfo lol whatever.

1 or 2 more mid terms to go and once competition has ended i shall start revising and do some serious catching up in my studies zzz. Forever trying to catch up one siah omg. At least i can do this at my own pace which is not that bad hahah.

Hang in there everyone, ciaos :)


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