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After this week is over, life will be much slacker hahahahaha wtf. Thats because this week, I had a lab test for programming, proposal submission, weigh in, helping out with hall productions and competition on saturday  ...  yes ...

So guys, i am really sorry for not blogging recently but yeah, shall slowly blog about this week for now haha.

Well i just had my lab test for programming today. They actually gave us 30 questions (6 question for 5 sections) to prep over recess week (which was last week), which i did la. I tried to do it by myself and didn't memorise the answers sigh should have done that for some of them. Because some of my friends did and it was a breeze for them!!!!! But then again this just shows that i didn't really understand fully the coding. But still i think i am much better compared to previous semester.

So the system will generate 5 questions randomly for you. Honestly my questions weren't that bad ... all my code can compile and run but fml 3/5 of them the output is wrong ... zzzz. I forget one of the code's format so i freaking threw it away sigh. I just hope that they will still give me some marks for algorithm rather than just the output x.x not asking for the full marks but just some marks.

In university, i realise they damn niao (stingy) when it comes to method marks ... so yeah. *sighs*.

Then recently i felt pain from my left shoulder but i think it's probably because of strain but since last sunday i'm kinda feeling it at my collarbone too? So yeah not sure if i am being paranoid or what but i just hope it's nothing serious. Going to go for training later but not going to stress this side of my arm.

And yes on thursday there's full dress rehearsal for hall production so i am just going to help them with the make up? Although the dates for the performance are on friday and sat, i won't be going as friday i have to weigh in at republic poly and sat is competition. I felt really bad as the dates clash and i wasn't able to help them sigh.

So that's all for this week and yes there is work on sunday.
More to blog about but i will leave it for the next few posts :)

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