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So, i am currently doing this online module, about geometry and symmetry, as one of my electives. According to my other friends it's not that hard and a lot of students from my school are taking it. Okay la i won't say that it's very easy but just erm a bit mafan (troublesome).

Maybe they are trying to make this course fun so they decided to hand in our work by taking photos and also including our selfies inside. Yes, the profs all so hip one LOL. So as usual, me being me, doing work last minute found out that some of the pics i took i can't use them for my assignment. My assignment is due on the 8th of Feb @ 2am. Seriously its chinese new year.

Then after trying to find symmetry relate photos at home and failed, i decided to get out of my house to do it instead LOL. Decided to blog them here cause i felt so awkward while doing like people are judging you while taking photos with a wall. Yes taking selfies shamelessly huehue.


HAHAHHHAHAHA i still find it funny. Didn't really spammed take a lot because i shy (wtf) and erm these 3 are the decent ones LOL. I retook some of the photos because my selfie didn't turn out well wtf seriously. Hahahahaha. Okay guys that's all for this post, hope everyone is prepping for cny well hehe. Ciaos!

p.s. it feels retard, i kennut wtf.

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