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Went home on Saturday night and learn about some bad news from mum. Well but still, thank god that nothing serious happened. Grateful for that. Anws i decided to blog about this so that others can be more aware and also to look out for each other. Seriously, nobody would want this to happen to someone else's house.

I remember few years back, there were a few incidents of paint splash done by loan sharks. In the past (okay la, not like long long time ago), they write "O$P$" on the walls. Not just the borrower's level but also a few levels below and on top of it, or on the walls of the lifts. After that died down, they begin splashing paint. Seriously.

Well, they gotten more "clever" in the sense like they don't attack your house but your neighbours instead. So that your neighbours will find you for this, make you feel bad about it (guilt trip but i guess its your fault anws) and then you have to deal with it. A few years back the splashing got serious and it was on the news but it just died down recently again i guess.

But this time it was my house that got involved.

It happened last tuesday and i didn't know anything about it until saturday night when my mum told me about it. I guess they didn't want me to be worried. But regardless, i am thankful that nobody was hurt and at that time when it occurred, my grandma knocked off from work late. If she left work around the usual timing, she would probably meet them. So yeap legit heng siah.

So what happened was that some guy tried to set my house on fire. He seems kinda young? Okay la maybe around my age or slightly older. While pouring kerosene (i assume), he was videoing himself doing it. Probably to assure his higher ups that he is doing his job zzz. He tried a few times and made a few trips but failed (seriously really thank goodness). We were honestly considerably lucky that our house wasn't damaged, nobody was at home and the fire only burned a bit at the door. Our door is also fire proofed. Upon hearing this, is like 谢天谢地,老天爷保佑. Not even kidding.

We didn't had any eye-witnesses but our CCTV caught him in action. We also saw a guy passed by our house (walked upwards using the stairs). He dressed seemingly normal but then again my mum said that he doesn't look like someone who stayed in our block. Not sure if he has anything to do with it or he is inspecting whether the culprit had done his job.

Then in the afternoon, after my grandma came back from work, she received a phone call. How the fuck did they even manage to get my house number?? It's damn freaky. So they called and claimed that they were from the town council and heard that my house was on fire. Of course my grandama was confused and had no idea wtf they are talking about.

She then called my uncle and my uncle immediately went to check with town council. Apparently its a phone call from overseas, not from the town council. Later that night we made a police report and the fire department came over to check our house. Currently it's still under investigation and I sincerely hope that this incident will be over soon.

Then later my mum told me that apparently, my neighbour's ex husband was the one who owed them money. You know, we are seriously on good terms with their family. Currently her eldest son, his wife and son are staying there. Whereas the aunty and her youngest son are staying elsewhere. Her youngest son is my bro's friend and personally whatsapp to apologise and she even offered to pay for the damages.

Honestly, i don't blame her. It's not her fault. I felt sorry for them instead like they had to be responsible for something that's not even their fault. And like i can see that they felt bad about it. I just hope that this thing get over quickly and their family will get more peaceful also.

Anws, a few months back while i was changing my address on my IC i head the police saying that nowadays with just a phone call you can just borrow money from loan sharks. And they don't even need your IC. The just require your singpass.

So everyone, please be careful. Keep a look out for each other and stay safe okay?

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