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Well, pretty sure most kpop lovers have heard about Stellar. Mostly because of their controversial music videos? Like their MVs for 'Marionette' and 'Vibrato'. Honestly, i dislike the outfits they wore in Marionette haha. Have no idea what their stylists are thinking. I did read articles on allkpop regarding their company making them were such outfits out of their comfort zone. And also, if their MVs are unlike the above two, people might not even know that they released a new song lol.

Well, the boyf did say that they are sexy. I don't deny that and seriously their figures are just ... ❤︎.❤︎ !! Recently i watched their new MV ('Sting'). This concept is like way different from the above two i mentioned. And i think it suits them well :) Keep replaying it now haha and hopefully they release more of such MVs. 

enjoy & ciaos~

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