Friday, February 5, 2016 at 4:27 PM with
Hi guys, i got hired.

LOL!! Yeah i manage to get a new part time job after quite a few attempts wtf. Well I guess it's not easy to find a company that will hire part timers who are currently still studying (especially if you are a full-time student). So I am kinda happy that i got a job hehe yay!

Well i said 'kinda' because like when i didn't receive any notice from them for about 3 days i just decided to give up on the idea. Like maybe i should just focus on school and as for money i should just save a bit more and take note more of my spending.

Of course i should still continue to do that even after i got my current job, kinda looking forward to it and hopefully when it starts soon i get to arrange my timetable soon. Can't afford to neglect my studies heh :)

Anyways chinese new year is coming, needa start my spring cleaning for good omg.

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