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Hi guys so I'm just gonna blog about about CNY for me. Haha well it's pretty much similar to the previous few years. This time round cny is actually quite short - monday and tuesday only. Well it follows the calendars but there were years where cny has lots of days which is a yay because that would mean holiday but nay because there will definitely be make up lessons which are a burden.

So i am just gonna share with you guys some of the photos taken during cny. Actually not a lot a hur haha. And this time round i legit ate loads during cny omgggggggg. Can't resist them and now i have ulcers because i am too heaty.

with Jolene (my cousin, 1 year older than me) who, i literally grew up with since young haha.

with my brother and grandparents and cousins from my mother side. 
I do stay with my grandparents (above) and i am really one of the lucky ones who still has both side of my grandparents taking care of me. 

with my great-grandmother (my dad's grandma) who is turning 96 this year!
Heard from my dad that she really dotes on her grandchildren a lot and that day it was my first time meeting her godson haha and his youngest son is entering NTU next year LOL so technically he is my uncle haha.

with my dad's 4th aunt. 

and of course good food and lo hei made by my mum!

I hope everyone had fun during their chinese new year, despite the typical questions that you will get from your relatives haha. I am sure most of them meant well :) 

And as usual i did gamble, hehe. Played mahjong and blackjack, didn't really win/lose much so it's not that bad haha.

Okay, that's all for today and it's back to chionging for tutorials T.T

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