Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 10:18 AM with
Honestly annoyed, irritated and frustrated. Seriously.

I hate it when i waste time on something that i thought could be done quickly. Like seriously, it took me more than 2 hours to try to download this software that i need for school, and in the end it all doesn't work like wtf. WHY?!?!?

Maybe i should have download it earlier, and make full use of my time better or what not. Whatever. It's too late to keep pondering over those.

i did try following the instructions on my school's web but it's just like asking you to sign up and find the thing on your own -_-. Seriously and they are using the older versions one for my lab and lab tests. So it would be better to use that version rather than the latest one (some of the stuff are different).

I have to submit my lab test in like 2 weeks time? And it's shit because at this rate i don't think I will be able to test run my codes. Plus, we are kinda using C++ all these while but the compiler we are going to use is for like C ... -_-

I mean yeah there is a slight different but still zzzzz.

Then because i have download different variations (because it keeps on not working) now it refuse to set up because certain file is still in my laptop but others are like gone because i uninstall them. I stop continuing to uninstall them because i scared i might remove the wrong ones in my laptop. I FEEL LIKE REFORMATTING MY LAPTOP BACK TO ORIGINAL OMG HALP.


Trying to redownload again. if all else fails i guess i can just use online compilers or maybe just download another programming file from other sources. Oh wells.

Sigh, ciaos. 


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