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Time for blogging again!
Feeling kind of tired from yesterday mahjong session, although we didn't really played it till very late (ended around 11pm). But oh well, i need loads of sleep like seriously haha. Plus i woke up early to do a bit of catching up #ideservemoresleep haha.

So last saturday, in the afternoon i went out with my family for a temple and then after that i went clarke quay central's starbucks to study first. I was suppose to meet qijie, kiaheng and adriel (kiah's +1) there at 7pm for dinner. It has been awhile since we last had a gathering hahahaha dinner kakis. 

My make-shift "laptop" LOL kidding. Anws thanks boyf for lending me his portable charger for that day. I left my house with tablet at 33% and phone around 60%+ wtf. I passed by dhouby and when i called him luckily he was still there so yeap otherwise i would be shopping around ... rather than catching up with school work.

T.T there is a lot to catch up.

Well and i guess that day is one day before valentines' day so there were a lot of couples in starbucks. But seriously, there was this ang mo couple that erm ... okay maybe thats their ay of showing each other affection but it's just ... weird ....

okay i have no further comments about it ^.

So that night qijie brought us to Brewerkz for dinner and yes we split the bill LOL. The food is seriously damn good. The mac & cheese was the best one i have ever eatern and the nachos are just sinfully awesome HAHAHHAHAHA. I cannot. I just loveeeeee cheese. The pork was good also and we drank a bit (literally).

I would honestly love to go back for their food again haha although the waiter keep rushing us to order drinks lol. I mean well after all, it's a pub. 

For dessert we went back to clarke quay central for this hokkaido soft serve ice cream haha. I always get the green tea one there because ITS NICE AND I LIKE IT. Then after that we walked around clarke quay then home sweet home.

I seriously enjoy having dinner with them haha. They (kiah and qijie, sorry adriel LOL) are one of those few peeps that i can click with? Yeah and bascially we can talk about anything. Like anything. Totally uncensored, raw, no filter and vulgarities HAHAHAHA. So inappropriate for the public but whatever haha.

And in case you guys miss me HAHAHA my selfies. Anyways all the pics and the video are from my snapchat haha.

Okay, that's all for now, time to go back and chiong my tutorial LOL fml.

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