Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 2:11 PM with
Come to think about it, i really did sign myself for a lot of stuff in hall/school. I am not regretting joining them but felt bad and regretting for not being able to commit well in all. Honestly, it's a bit too much i guess? But then again there will always be someone else in school with more commitments than me (talking about students).

After recess week, the following week is going to be damn busy for me. It's judo ITC/IVP and the dates clashes with Hall's Production performance. I signed up as a make up artist and i seriously would like to take part in this event with them, but i can't. The dates clashes, although judo comps is supposed to be on the 17th of march lol but they can't manage to book the venue on the dates they want so yeap. Felt kinda sian about it.

Maybe next year i should just focus on a few instead because i can't give my all for everything i had signed up for. Felt kinda bad about it.



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