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Hi guys!

when one fine day i decided to get starbucks breakfast to make my morning better:)

So lately i have been going to the library whenever i am free lol. Cause i can't seem to be productive while studying in my room haha. It's possible but just not as productive as being in the library. Then since exams period aren't here yet, school's library is not that crowded too.

I guess i just want to chill and relax in my room? Yeah. There are articles that says that it's not that good to study/work in you room because your room is where you relax and etc. But whatever hehe. Just that i prefer the library more nowadays.

Trying to catch up with my work and since i dont really go lectures nowadays haha. Catch up first before going. 

Went for an interview for PT job at Kikki.K and there's a floor trial on friday. Hopefully it gos well but then at the same time i hope they wont take all the free slots i have. Well, shall worr about that after i get my job. Apparently my highlights are a bit ... "too much"? Haha the manager's superior might not like it. Gonna find some way to hide it.

The pay and style is pretty similar to Smiggles? Yeah maybe its because there are both Australian companies. But the way Kikki.K serve their customers are pretty different haha judging from the way the manager describes. Like they seem to interact more with the customers (e.g. start a convo, talk to them but not trying to bring business in etc).

So thats all for now! Will update you guys soon, ciaos!

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