Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 11:59 PM with

Last day of my holiday sigh. And school starts for me tomorrow :/
Omg but I still feel like staying at home, hobo, watch my anime and eat my cereal fml.

Anyways since i dropped a degree my timetable seems more empty and i kinda feel insecure about it haha. But then again with more time available, i should make full use of it hur. (lol not should but must.)

I have started my 52 week challenge to save money hehe. But i have decided to the reverse. It kinda make more sense because at the start of the year we tend to have "more" money? Idk haha but yeah should save extras whenever i can too.

Back in my hall now #bookinfeels. Haha well even though this week not all lessons are on but still the term has started. I have some friends going on exchange. Lydia going to Sweden for 6months. Going to miss trainings without her and all the nonsense ):

That's all for tonight shall check out my schedule for tomorrow and start adjusting my body clock back omg. And yes yes back to eating regular meals.

Goodnight everyone and ciaos :)


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