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Okay i know i rant quite a lot on my blog but yeah whatever it's my blog anws. But just recently i just feel much better after writing those "one-last-rant" kind of post. Like it just let me have a say on what i feel on certain thing and then i get over it yeap.

Idk. Whenever i am upset over something i just to rant, over and over and over again; repeatedly until i felt that it's too much and time to move on. Yes, I kind rant about the same thing repeatedly lol. And when i rant, i rant to many people which kinda make sense why i keep repeating my rants. But then somethings when i think about it again, am i just making myself feel better or what?

It's true that i feel better after all those rants but after that i just felt that maybe i should grow up and deal with the issue more maturely, rather than just telling everyone about it. But then again saying out makes me feel better and sometimes i get to see others' point of view too.

So i guess, most of such posts will be uploaded haha.


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