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Time to deal with my exploding closet. That's what i always say but i deal with it by adding more clothes to my current collection lol.

Few years back i did try to share a spot with my friend at a flea market but i ended up not selling much. The venue itself is pretty ulu and i guess the event wasn't very well known. So yeah didnt sold much. I wanted to try flea again but it's not easy and not cheap to join those quite known fleas like scape. Can share with friends but again if i cant manage to sell away most of my stuff then i guess its kinda pointless to do so.

I did tried using SNS such as blogger or carousell to get rid of my preloved items but it just doesn't really work for me? Sigh.

For now, thank god that i stayed at hall so i can shift some of my clothes there but that's not some long term solution lol. I did clear some and gave them away to salvation army (donating is better than throwing them away) but its just ... seems like i didn't clear much LOL.


I mean i do know that i need to control myself. But sometimes i just ... get seduced by the sales and the prices. I don' really wear something for a long time so i won't spend a lot on it. But still like what they always say a little by a little when you accumulate, it becomes a lot. Yeah, spent a lot and bought a lot. And you know ... girls:

Legit. After awhile i will find myself nothing to wear despite the huge amount of clothes i own. Seriously. It's pretty excessive haha. Should be thankful that i do have something to wear and i have a choice to make.

Although i keep telling myself i should stop buying and i do have a lot of them, i just can't really resist. Sigh. #officiallyshopaholic

Can't wait to sell away/donate those that i wont be wearing. If i can't sell them i will just donate them. At least it's better than throwing it away. Or i can use those really old clothes as rags wtf hahha.


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