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It's mid week of the first week of school. Was telling myself to be prepared and read notes so that i can understand lectures better a.k.a study consistently. But nah i think its failing soon LOL. Well i did try to make myself read notes but then after awhile, i just cant concentrate anymore.

Monday night i went to run with belina haha, just ran about 2km ++. It's actually nice to run at night around school (not the full round wtf i can't). Then had training yesterday which wasn't that bad. My neck is getting better but recovering rather slow lol hopefully its nothing serious. Suppose at Hall's track practice but suddenly i had tummy ache (legit) so i didn't go for it in the end ... well okay la was kinda contemplating if i should go haha. My tummy ache was pretty much gone when closer to the meeting time but i decided to rest. Then later i have bonding dinner with some of the people for FOC. Suppose to be cooking something but i am like not helping much lol. Then after the dinner have meeting for DnD.

Can't wait for the weekends to arrive actually lol. But after next week, all of my lessons will begin so should enjoy this week and next week more.

Shall go and have dinner nows. Omg so awkwardz x.x


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